MOZ: Creative Director / Producer
Moz has worked on
Borderlands The Presequel, Civilisation VI, Killing Floor 2, and a lot of others.
"There’s never been a better time to be a games writer. We have the tools, the route to market, and the audience we need to tell personal, idiosyncratic stories.

Super Upbeat is the first game/interactive story in our Earthlings series."

Our studio is a combination of industry veterans, with credits on games as far ranging as Borderlands The Presequel, The Claptastic Voyage, Fortnite, and Pokemon: Revolution, and students and graduates from RPI’s renowned game development program.
TOBY: Art / Sound / Music
Toby's background
is in television, live events and advertising
Having worked for the BBC, Sky TV, Coca-Cola,  British Airways, British Telecom, Visa, & BUPA, his style has progressed from graphic design to cartooning to character design.
"The darker Moz's storylines become on Super Upbeat, the cuter and more innocent-looking my characters get."
DAN: Code
Dan is a software engineer working on Super Upbeat as his first shipped title.
He graduated from RPI in May 2019 with degrees in Computer  Science, Game Design, and Economics.

“Moz determines what the game is going to be. Toby creates what it’s going to look like. And I make it all run.”

JACY: Code
Jacy is an RPI student

Super Upbeat will be her first

shipped title.

She will be graduating from RPI

in May 2022 with degrees in Computer Science and Game Design.


"I put things together and hope it runs.

If it doesn't, I rethink my life decisions."

ERIC: Code
Eric is a developer and storyteller, with previous work at Schell Games.
He graduated RPI in May 2020 with degrees in Game Design and Computer Science.

"When I hear my services are needed, what follows is Super Upbeat."

AMY: Narrative design
Amy graduated from RPI

in May 2020 as a

GSAS/Communication dual.

She would describe Super Upbeat  as "weird, but good weird." She's tried several times to be more  descriptive than that.

It's not easy.